Stereotypical World

The word stereotype can be explained as any commonly known public belief about a particular social group or a soul. This definition clearly explains the word stereotype. We can also say that stereotype means a ritual or a custom implemented in society for ages. Stereotypes could be harmful to society in many ways. Sometimes it becomes a hurdle in achievements.

There are tons of real-life stories. That can prove that the stereotypical world is a thing. Like gender profiling, cultural typicalness, useless hate, etc. These topics are my center of attraction. People are creating a supernatural frame of mind about some of the issues. Here Iam not trying to say that cultural customs and traditions are substandard. They are acceptable and unique in their way. But some inbuilt ones, are becoming a part of society. The reason for making these customs could be anything.

Gender Profiling is a rising issue in our society. There are a lot of misconceptions about this, and a lot of them. The popular ones are:

Men are stronger and do all work.

Women are not smart as men

Girls are not good at sports.

Guys are messy and unclean.

Views always represent the stance of a society. If an outsider recognizes these views about gender profiling, they will probably wonder that this society faces numerous problems. There is no equal distribution of rights. We need to learn that women and men are two different organisms. They have different needs and non-identical abilities. Women can work in the office, who can also drive. They can do whatever they want. The same is the case with men, who can also manage the house. They can also cook. They can also look after the kid. So, in short, here I want to say that men and women are equal to some extent. They should have equal rights. We need to learn that every human begin is different and has different expertise. No one is superior. Superiority should not last in the society of human beings.

Cultural stereo typicalness is another main factor that is causing numerous problems among countries around the world. People have weird concepts about other religions and cultures. This problem is all around the world. For example, there is a common perspective about Muslims that all the Muslims around the world are terrorists and they are extremists, which is not fact-based. Mistake one creates a problem for others as well. There are a lot more misconceptions about other religions as well. Listen, you do not know our side of the story. We do not know your side of the story. So, please be yourself and mind your business. There is a bubble of misconceptions around us. We should break that bubble. If you want to stay away from the stereotypical world, please if listen to something mysterious about a sensitive issue. Stop that from spreading. It will help the world to make a better place to live.

The third topic which is causing distance among professions is useless hate. Now you are probably wondering what is useless hate means? According to myself, hate which is spread based on an individual's preference and lifestyle. This kind of hate is usually given to celebrities just because their life is on social media. They get hate because they are doing what they want to do. They are just trying to enjoy their life by entertaining us. The sad reality is they are spending their life for the sake of our entertainment. In return, what we are giving them hate. Or we can say that they do not have any personal life just because they have to stay active on social media. The thing is, we think about ourselves. We need to think about others as we. If you cannot think about others, then please stay away from their personal lives. Just like you, they also have some rights to enjoy their life according to their preferences. As we all know, most of us live in a free world. So, the definition of a free world. A place where an individual can live their life freely and enjoy his rights.

At last, I want to say mind your business. Everyone has their own lives. They have the right to enjoy their life. We need to understand that everyone is different. Every religion is different. We need to respect their culture and traditions. We need to give respect to the matters of others and stop spreading false news. Please be yourself and do not spoil yourself because of useless hate. Trust yourself and be yourself. Thanks.

Hi, I am Khansa. I write because I love writing and I want to break the stereotypes.