Partiality means unfairness or bias in favor of one person. The commonly used word for partiality is favoritism. Favoritism is something when someone treats you wrong because you are not according to their expectations. Now, the question that arose here is, what they expect from us? Expectations are different for everyone. Everyone is unique. What makes them unique is their perspective to enjoy life. Different perspectives and preferences make society. We usually think that status difference is because of monetary difference, but as I described earlier. That status discrimination is the difference in perspective and preferences.
Now the question arose how this implement in society. As I mentioned earlier, that discrimination is a mixture of different perspectives and preferences. These differences make society. Now come back to the topic, How society becomes status discriminant. In my view, when you are being judged on family background, grades, financial status, looks, or preferences. Then you are part of a society that is poorly affected by status discrimination.
Here are some examples that how the young generation is becoming victims of stereotypical society. Let us start with school. In my opinion, Schools are supposed to be the stairs that lead our lives to success. Schools are to be for our grooming. Students in school are all different and unique. But the teachers who are supposed to act as a mentor always create a difference in students. They judged them on grades. Students with higher marks have a special connection with teachers. Teachers prefer higher grades students. There are a lot more opportunities for higher-grade students. In co-curricular activates, instead of allowing every kid. Teachers always select or recommend students with higher grades. They do not want to give a fortune to the other students. If you got selected somehow, the teacher will not support you. Somehow the end of the day you got rejected. Schools should always help us with every problem. In my opinion, schools are supposed to solve problems. Schools are supposed to be our mothers. A mother always taught his child the difference between good or bad. But no, in reality, schools are becoming the place of being judged. Teachers are the ones who create the concept of favoritism. We always talk about feminism or human rights. But we should talk about the rights of teenagers. The right of a student with an average IQ. The right of a student who is being judged or criticized. Students and youth are the future of every country. They should be treated equally without any favoritism. You cannot imagine how much pressure is on that young mind.
This favoritism not only happens in schools. Offices are also the part of idiotic virus which is increasing day by day. Now you were wondering about offices. How come? In offices, favoritism starts from the beginning. From selecting a candidate to retirement. Bias happens at every level. The bosses elect the candidate who is not suitable for the particular post. These things happen either head is corrupt or the candidate is his relative. After the process of selection. Now comes the tricky part, where you have to work for the betterment of office or country. When the candidate is eligible for the particular post, then how can you expect something from him. For example, I got selected in an office as an accountant. But the twist over here is I am an IT expert. Now you can imagine what will happen to accounts of that company, this is happening in our country. People are giving jobs to those who are not eligible for that. In the end, the deserving is waiting for the opportunity. These corrupt, are not just becoming the part of social distinguished society and favoritism group. But they are spoiling the future of their generation and country.
This social prejudice not only leads to schools and the workplace. But This is also all over society. Kids are being judged just because of their skin color, family background, etc. The problem that arose here is how the young generation is becoming a part of this status discrimination society. Here is the detailed information. What I think that why is there is no difference between the young generation and their parents. Parents brainwash their kids. They set standards for them. The most stupid standards are active for ages. No one wants to talk about it, Specifically in south Asian society. The reason is, parents told there that the person with fair complexion and from the rich background are good people. You have to make a friendship with them. They do not know what they are telling their kids. Kids are the future of any country. They are the free birds, their brain is in the process of learning and experiencing. We should promote self-learning in them. At this age, their brain is just like a plain paper. You can write anything on it. Instead of talking about something productive with them, the parents are putting them on the wrong path. Parents should always hold counseling sessions with their kids. They should always have some conversation with kids related to their life. Like what they want to do or what is their aim. Or about their routine and school. If you create a good bond with them, they will trust you in the future and talk about their problems.
From the above-explained example, I hope you are getting my point. In short, I am trying to say is favoritism is now part of society. In every sector of society, it plays the most stupid role. I think that this is a type of bullying. (Have you read my last publish. It is about bullying. If not, go read it after this.) Sometimes people do this because they are partial towards someone. Or they want this. Some people are habitual for doing this. They do not want to change their selves.
Now the question arose of what you can do if you are facing this problem. As an observer, I think you should always argue for your right. Either you have to fight or strike. Fight for your rights. No one has the right to mess up with you. If you want to break the stereotypes, you have to fight back. Have some faith in yourself. You are unique. You are perfect. Just have some confidence. You can change the world. Thanks.

Hi, I am Khansa. I write because I love writing and I want to break the stereotypes.