Lessons BTS taught us in 7 years

BTS, when you listen to this name you probably think that it stands for beyond the scenes but here, I'm talking about the K-pop band. If you don’t know them, I will give you a brief introduction or you can read my first article about them for detailed information. BTS is a K-pop boyband. They started their career back in 2013. Their songs are in the Korean language. They not just only make music but through their lyrics, they talk a lot about the youngsters' problem. Somehow through their music, they are making the world a better place and securing the future of the world. Today I will discuss some of the lessons BTS taught us and how they fight from hate just because of looks and nature, and how they become the most successful boy band in the world.

The first thing is language, which does not matter when it comes to the passion of changing the perspective of the world. BTS always sings in the Korean language. Their all songs were in Korean. Music doesn’t need any language music is something that you feel. Talking about BTS music, their music is all in Korean but the fun part is their lyrics, their lyrics are so impressive and amazing. Their music is all about positive lyrics. In almost every song they have a moral which helps in securing the future of the world. They are the biggest source of motivation for me. In “O! RUL8,2? And in No more dreams, BTS talk about the dreams of youngsters they said that we know you have dreams and you want to fulfill them then why are you waiting for some permission just do it it's your life. You just live for yourself, not for others. In N.O BTS points out the injustice of education and pressure which kids have to survive in school they said we have to say NO to injustice in education. Everyone is equal and we should treat them equally. In Not Today, BTS said that we know it's not easy it fulfills your dream but you have to maintain consistency. There are a lot more songs in BTS talk about the problems of teenagers and always suggest them some positive and motivational ideas. If you are done with corona and want some motivation, I will suggest please listen to their latest song “LifeGoesOn” from their latest album “BE”. The song is all about moving on.

The next thing BTS taught that sometimes the underdog wins. BTS started their journey back in 2013 under the company called BigHit Entertainment at that time their company was very small. They have to sacrifice a lot just for their passion and love for music. The BTS members became trainees at a relatively young age and had to get separated from their families due to it. When BTS guested on I-LAND, they shared that this was one of the most difficult things they’ve had to endure. Even now, the members rarely see their family members due to their busy schedules. Still, BigHit only represents a handful of artists but they are one of the most successful entertainment companies in South Korea, created goes to BTS.

The next is that one band can make the world better. The BTS boys love to give back. They parted with UNICEF and raise more than 2 million dollars for the “love me” campaign to fight violence against children. The “Love myself” campaign is all about giving attention to yourself. I think the reason they started the campaign because of increasing insecurities in youths and they want to end the violence against children. They just want to make the world a better place. They donated to orphanages, educational programs, and coronavirus efforts. They recently donated 1 million dollars for the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of Geroge Floyd’s death. Not only BTS is putting some effort into making the world better but their fans called “ARMY” also take part in these donations. ARMY matches the black lives donation in around 24 hours. From this, you can guess that BTS means the world to ARMY and we share a special ideal and fandom bond which could never be broken. They also support animal shelters, food banks, and countless other worthy causes. Recently, BTS share some views and they spoke about the BTS and ARMY power while giving a speech at an award show the leader RM said

“This is only possible because of the little things we share, the BTS, and ARMY power.”

The next thing they taught is that sometimes catchy songs have some meaning. I already talk about their amazing lyrics but here are some facts about BTS members that you should know and support if you are a part of the ARMY. If you are not a part of their fandom then you don’t have any right to comment about their visuals and personality. BTS music explores everything from south Korean culture to Greek mythology, to psychological concepts. In the song “Intro Persona” the leader RM raps about his struggle that how he maintains his public image because the leader got a lot of hate just because everyone thinks that his visuals are not for Korean beauty standards. In their early days, an ARMY shares the story that she ordered their album and as a surprise photo card, she got RM. RM after listening to the story he immediately apologies. Then after this people talk a lot about his face someone that he looks like a pig or a dog etc. But still, he doesn’t lose hope and constantly worked hard. Now he is the leader of the world's biggest band. You can imagine from the above-mentioned stories that how idols have to go through a lot just for the sake of their passion and in the case of BTS they are constantly trying the world to make it better from day one. In the song “Interlude Shadow” the rapper Suga raps his deepest fears about celebrity. He spoke that we think that idols have very glamoured life but this not true there a lot of effort and hard work they do to get there but some people still send them to hate. You are not allowed to hate someone you don’t know anything about their personal life and you should not know anything about their personal life. You can't even imagine their sacrifices just for the sake of some good cause. So please if you don’t like someone just stop following them. Hate is not good for you and them as well. You should love all of them equally, for example, if you like BTS you should love them equally if you have been biased towards one of them then you are not a fan of BTS you are just a fan of that particular member. So, when you say that you like a particular band that should mean that you love all of them equally.

“ Hate is a weak emotion, a sign of failure”

In the end, I will love to say that please don’t spread hate. But as teenagers, we should take steps to make the world a better place.

Hi, I am Khansa. I write because I love writing and I want to break the stereotypes.