How can we change negative thoughts into positive ones?

Before diving into the topic, we need to know about thoughts? Thoughts are the flow of ideas and associations that can lead to a logical conclusion. We can also say whatever your brain sees generates a message in the form of neurons. Then you work with that neurons. This whole process is like a mysterious painting. You have an idea, but you do not know what it is going to seem like. Sometimes the outcome is not that good. The bad result is called negative thoughts. …

How to include reading in your daily?

Before including anything in our routine, we need to learn how that thing works. In what way it will benefit us. After reading this post, you will involve reading in your regime. I will share some benefits. After that, I will share my experience with you that, how I started reading.

When I was in 9th standard, a lot of students in my class read books. In every free lecture, they found a corner and read quietly. It looks so calming watching them. But I do not want to read. After that, such…

Before diving into Pakistani culture, we need to learn that what is Gap Year? A gap year is a break usually students take before taking admission to a college or university. It is for your mental relaxation. Around the world, students take this break because they want a break from a hectic schedule. In this break, usually, students went on solo trips to spend some time with themselves. Sometimes, it helps. It helps to find your path.

But In Pakistan, the meaning of Gap Year is different. There are some reasons why students of Pakistan took gap year:

  • The first…

Figure Out your Plan

When you were in the process of finding a career, you usually make mistakes under some circumstances. A lot of the time, you make wrong decisions because of pressure. There a lot more factors that happen. We are here to discuss the solution to the problem. I hope these solutions will help you.

Some elements that I think are important for figuring out your plan.

Think about your Passion.

Passion is something that we love doing it. It is an uncontrollable emotion. If you have a passion and you think that you are capable of doing…

Bold Risk

Before diving into this topic, we need to learn that what is a risk. How does it feel? What are the factors of taking the risk and a lot more? Let me tell you the answer to the first question: What is a risk? Risk implies future uncertainty about deviation from the expected outcome. In simple words, we can say that risk is a step towards dreams. Now the question arises, why we take a risk? We took a risk for the sake of our passion, hope that this risk leads us somewhere. I think passion is the…


Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from action that supports our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love means having a high regard for your well-being and happiness. But I think placing your self-respect and rights at first should be considered self-love.

" If you do not believe in yourself, others won’t have a reason to."

Now the question that arose is why self-love is prime? For many people (including myself), the concept of self-love might conjure. But after a bit of research on this topic, I came to know self-love and compassion are prime for…

Stereotypical World

The word stereotype can be explained as any commonly known public belief about a particular social group or a soul. This definition clearly explains the word stereotype. We can also say that stereotype means a ritual or a custom implemented in society for ages. Stereotypes could be harmful to society in many ways. Sometimes it becomes a hurdle in achievements.

There are tons of real-life stories. That can prove that the stereotypical world is a thing. Like gender profiling, cultural typicalness, useless hate, etc. These topics are my center of attraction. People are creating a supernatural frame of…


Partiality means unfairness or bias in favor of one person. The commonly used word for partiality is favoritism. Favoritism is something when someone treats you wrong because you are not according to their expectations. Now, the question that arose here is, what they expect from us? Expectations are different for everyone. Everyone is unique. What makes them unique is their perspective to enjoy life. Different perspectives and preferences make society. We usually think that status difference is because of monetary difference, but as I described earlier. That status discrimination is the difference in perspective and preferences.
Now the question…

Bullying is something more than disagreements, the difference of opinion or conflict leads to an ill-mannered argument. But I think bullying could be explained, as when you humiliate personal and social preferences in front of everyone just for the sake of fun of an individual. Bullying could be intentional or unintentional. It could be physically or mentally. But in both cases results are unsatisfactory.
Now come to the question of why bullying happens? The person who bullies others feels proud of herself. Bullying culture is common in high schools, colleges, and universities. Nowadays, it is a ritual that senior year students…

What happens after being judged?

Before diving into this topic, We need to learn what is judgment and if you are a person who judges others or not. First, let me answer this question what is judgment. In my opinion, when you see someone and you start humiliating his personal preference. Or when someone is sharing his views, you are ruling his stance. When you catching these things in someone, you are judging that person and if you are doing this. Then you are committing the crime to me. Now came the answer to the question that what happened after…


Hi, I am Khansa. I write because I love writing and I want to break the stereotypes.

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